Single Session Family Therapy


The goal of single session family therapy is to help families and those in close relationships to find ways to sort out worries and problems.

What is family therapy?

Family therapists provide a safe and secure environment in which everyone’s voice is heard and understood.

Once everyone’s opinion has been heard, the therapist and family members work together to make a plan on the work that will follow.

What is ‘Single Session Family Therapy’?

Unlike long-term family therapy, Single Session Family Therapy is done in one session.

Single session service means a longer-than-normal session in which the therapist does their very best to be as helpful as possible to the family at the time. The therapist then follows up by phone after the session to decide together with you what families need from that point on.

The focus is on what is needed immediately as identified by the family, as well as what strengths the family has.

Single Session Family Therapy is a complete therapy in itself, however there is an open door policy for more sessions.

The Cost

Our Single Session Family Therapy assessment costs $680.00*

Please contact melbourne@actforkids.com.au to discuss your referral today.

*Brief written feedback is included in this pricing for retailers.

Single Session Family Therapy: Step-by-Step

Step 1

  • Referrer to complete an Act for Kids Single Session referral form with the family.
  • Referrer to email the completed form to melbourne@actforkids.com.au.

Step 2

  • Referral acknowledged via email by Act for Kids Administration Officer.
  • Referral shared with family therapist to review eligibility.

Step 3

  • Telephone screening appointment with client/s within 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Explain SSFT, discuss client readiness and goals using a pre-assessment questionnaire. Book appointment if referral is appropriate.
  • Family therapist to call referrer and provide update regarding eligibility.

Step 4

  • Conduct a 90-minute single session with the client/s.
  • Provide the client with brief ‘takeaway’ written feedback if appropriate.

Step 5

  • Three weeks after the session, the family therapist will conduct a follow-up phone consultation with the client/s.
  • The client will complete a post-single session questionnaire.
  • Discuss further actions with the client/s.

Step 6

  • Brief written feedback provided by family therapist to the referrer within one week of follow-up.

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