Assessment and Service Connect (ASC)


Assessment and Service Connect (ASC) is a short-term support service for families involved in a Child Safety investigation and assessment process. We work together with your family and Child Safety to complete a child-centred and family focused plan, based on your goals as a family. Together, we will talk about the things that are going well for your family, and the things we are worried about. We can work together to identify things you might like to change for your family, and help you get ready to try things differently.

We can help with

  • Timely responses that ensure child-centred and family-focused assessments of family strengths and worries
  • Advocacy for the best interests of the children
  • Family-led problem solving and decision making
  • Addressing immediate barriers that make parenting difficult
  • Understanding the Child Safety process
  • Access to early support to keep children safely at home

Connections to services that:

  • provide intensive family support
  • address issues such as domestic violence, mental health and substance abuse
  • develop stronger life skills such as setting routines, budgeting and managing a household
  • support healthy relationships between family members
  • address any child health, wellbeing and development concerns
  • provide parenting support and strategies
  • support and foster connections to community and culture

Referral pathway

Referrals are made by Child Safety Officers in the Investigation and Assessment team only.

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