Our Child Safe Commitment



Act for Kids is committed to the protection of children’s human and legal rights to be safe, heard and cared for. Act for Kids holds a no-tolerance position on actions or inactions that harm a child or young person, increase the risk of significant abuse or neglect towards the child, or hinder their healing from trauma. ​​​​​​​

At Act for Kids, we comply with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, the Victorian Child Safe Standards & the South Australian Charter of Rights. Each of these standards are a minimum set of requirements for organisations providing services to children in the relevant jurisdictions. This ensures that children’s voices are heard and prioritised, their safety is promoted, child abuse is prevented and allegations of child abuse are properly responded to.

At Act for Kids we work with children and young people who may be particularly vulnerable to abuse and have made it our purpose to help keep kids safe, heal from trauma and lead safe lives.

If an Act for Kids team member knows of, or hears about, any action or inaction where there may be a detrimental or adverse impact on the child or young person’s physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing, the team member is to SPEAK UPCONSULT  with their supervisor and, where required, REPORT  to the relevant child protection authority.

If you have concerns that a child is at risk of significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect, please report to your state or territory’s Child Protection agency.

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