Learn to be Safe with Emmy and Friends


Learn to be Safe with Emmy and Friends is an internationally recognised protective behaviours program that is delivered in education settings across Australia. The program provides an evidence-led approach to remedy the challenges faced by educators to deliver consent-based protective behaviours education to children aged 0-10 years old.

Since 2008….

Act for Kids has delivered the program to 53,000 kids and 1,500 teachers. To reach more kids and help educators feel confident, capable and supported to deliver this sensitive content, we expanded our offering to include direct delivery, virtual and training options for Early Years and Primary Schools.

Act for Kids understands that, in an increasingly complex framework of curriculum alignment, schools, whether private or public, need greater support to effectively deliver Protective Behaviours Education (PBE) to the children in their care.

Why is this program important?

This program provides educators with an avenue to engage with parents and the wider community, and work together for the common goal of keeping kids safe beyond the classroom,

Learn to be Safe has proven to deliver outstanding learning experiences and outcomes for students, enabling them to make better decisions around personal safety and speaking out when a situation is uncomfortable.

The program teaches children how to:
  • identify and articulate their feelings
  • understand the difference between safe and unsafe secrets
  • identify early warning signs to alert them of when they are in danger
  • identify public and private body parts
  • develop awareness of personal body space
  • identify trusted adults and what they can do when they feel unsafe.
How is the Program delivered?

We understand that not all school staff are comfortable with having difficult personal safety conversations – in fact international evidence and Act for Kids’ 30 years’ experience tell us that it is not easy for educators, and there is a desire for more specific and practical guidance in this area. Learn to be Safe can be implemented using different approaches. These include:

  1. Train the Child Protection Champions in your education setting
  2. Direct face to face facilitation with kids
  3. Virtual co-facilitation with teachers
  4. Access to online training and resource hub
Who benefits from this program?
  • Children: Learn lifelong protective skills.
  • Educators: Receive language to address challenging topics with information and activities in line with school curriculum.
  • Care givers: Receive age appropriate language and resources to discuss personal safety with their children.
  • Schools and communities: Participate in important discussions through resources and activities that support common language about personal safety.

How does my school get involved?

If you are interested finding out more information about the Learn to be safe with Emmy and Friends program, please contact us via email learntobesafe@actforkids.com.au  or call us 0409 015 415.

Program sponsorship

Act for Kids provides programs and services designed to support children and their families. Act for Kids receives support and sponsorship from a variety of local businesses and corporate stakeholders in the delivery of many programs and services.

This sponsorship allows Act for Kids to support the communities it works in, to ensure the organisation is well resourced and able to deliver quality programs and services.

If you would like to partner with us in the delivery of our Learn to be safe with Emmy and Friends program, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via email learntobesafe@actforkids.com.au

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