Warning to parents & caregivers as violence erupts in the United States again

7 January 2021





Warning to parents & caregivers as violence erupts in the United States again

Act for Kids is urging parents and caregivers to monitor what children are watching online and in the news as chaotic violent scenes play out in the United States over the presidency.

We have seen clashes, even shootings between police and protesters as they infiltrate the Capital, sending politicians into lockdown, with many of the images going viral online.

Act for Kids Chief Executive Officer Dr Katrina Lines says it’s important to explain to children that this is not happening in Australia and that America is a very different country.

“The fighting is happening because people have different opinions about who should be their president, but this will not happen in Australia as we don’t have an election underway. It’s crucial to remind children that thankfully most people aren’t bullies or violent.”

Families can expect to see many of the images on major news bulletins and posted online particularly unfiltered social media platforms for at least the next 24-48 hours.

“We will continue to see a lot of coverage because people are shocked that this is happening, this is unusual in America and in any other democratic countries,” Dr Lines said.

Adults should try and keep perspective and not buy into others’ fearful behaviours.

It’s also important to communicate to your child that an election can be a catalyst for people to exchange words of hatred.

“Reiterate to your children that solutions should and are usually made by simply listening to each other and talking about different views,” Dr Lines explained.

Act for Kids recommends keeping a close eye what children are watching or listening to over the next few days and answer any curious questions in an age-appropriate manner.

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