Support our Three Capes trekkers and heal little hearts

5 July 2019





Come September, 14 trekkers will be heading off to trek the Three Capes Lodge Walk – an exhilarating 46-kilometre trek along the Tasmanian Peninsula. This trek will be complemented by the wild Southern Ocean and 37,000 years of history. Our trekkers have committed to Trek for Kids with the motivation of raising funds and awareness for abused and neglected kids around Australia. This four-day walking experience will guide the trekkers along the edge of the world, push their limits and showcase some of Australia’s most exquisite landscapes.

All funds raised for Trek for Kids goes directly to providing free therapy and support for children and families affected by abuse, neglect and trauma. You can help our trekkers reach their fundraising goals by donating directly to their Everyday hero pages or by attending an upcoming event!

Trek for Kids allows trekkers to explore some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery and make memories that will last forever. Our packages generally include flights, accommodation, meals and a daily tour guide showing the way across beautiful terrains. Although we’ve reached capacity for our Tasmanian Trek, keep your eyes and ears out for your next opportunity to Trek for Kids.