Speaking up for kids and families impacted by violence

11 January 2016





In early December Act for Kids’ Brisbane therapist, Annika Moody was one of 80 guest speakers at the Stop Domestic Violence Conference in Canberra, which covered topics from mental health, government and policy to child protection.

Annika’s presentation focused on how experiencing domestic violence impacts the emotional wellbeing of children.

Annika said she valued the opportunity to enhance and share her knowledge with others working in the sector.

“In doing so, I hope the voice of children impacted by domestic violence has become that little bit louder,” said Annika.

“We are speaking for children who are unable to speak for themselves and highlighting the value of engaging therapeutically with them to ensure they are not forgotten victims.

“Our goal is to raise awareness about the impact domestic violence has on children and we encouraged professionals across the sector to consider their needs when implementing a response, be it a legislative or therapeutic one like services offered by Act for Kids.”