Send a Christmas card or hamper to someone special and give to Act for Kids at the same time

31 October 2013





With Christmas approaching, Act for Kids has teamed up with Charity Gift Cards to offer you a wide range of greeting cards and hampers for the Christmas season.

When you purchase a Christmas card or a hamper for someone special, Act for Kids receives a portion from every sale, raising funds for children affected by child abuse and neglect. By making a purchase, you can create a brighter future for children in need and help spread message even further to your friends and family.

If you order online before 23 November, you’ll receive 5% off!

Christmas cards:

When you buy Christmas greeting cards, 40c per card will be donated to Act for Kids. There are many design options to choose from, so go on and get creative. Download the brochure or visit http://www.christmascards4charity.com.au/act to create your perfect Act for Kids Christmas card.


When you buy a hamper, 10% of the purchase price will be donated to Act for Kids. Download the brochure or visit http://www.charityhampers.com.au/act to buy a hamper.

For any other enquiries, please call Ellen Park on 07 3580 3202 or email ellenp@actforkids.com.au.