Response to graphic suicide posted on social media

8 September 2020





A statement by Stephen Beckett on behalf of Act for Kids

Act for Kids understands a graphic suicide has appeared on social media platforms today and is urging all parents to be vigilant with their children’s social media usage.

We are advised this video of suicide by gunshot is extremely graphic and may cause extreme distress for children who see it.

Act for Kids encourages parents to talk to their children to determine if they have viewed this content, and limit social media usage until the video has been removed.

Research by Act for Kids found two-thirds of parents fail to secure their devices and one in two allow their children unsupervised access online.

It’s vital parents take the necessary steps to protect their kids online.

Act for Kids urges families to follow these three steps to help keep their kids safe online:

  1. Secure household devices by setting passcodes and restrictions on all devices
  2. Supervise children online and monitor the material they are accessing
  3. Sit down and have an open conversation with your child about the material they may see online

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For more information, please contact Zoe Templeton, PR and Communications Specialist, on:

M: 0427 794 666

E: zoe.templeton@actforkids.com.au