RemServ Hosts International MasterChef Challenge to Help Vulnerable Kids!

17 April 2019





To recognise workplace diversity, RemServ celebrated Harmony Day with a twist. Inspired by the renowned television series, MasterChef, the staff were invited to serve up a dish to best represent their ethnicity and to raise funds to support Act for Kids. After producing a huge three tables full of food, the Brisbane team raised almost $500 for Act for Kids during the lunchtime challenge!

Workplace ‘chefs’ cooked up a storm and wowed judges with flavours from around the globe. The judges’ favourite was a pocket full of deliciousness, the spiced Samosa, and a special mention was awarded to the indulgent Black Forest Cake. RemServ relationship manager, Stan Uzunov, was extremely pleased to have a workplace event to raise money for Act for Kids.

“We’re honoured to support the meaningful work Act for Kids carries out each day,” said Mr Uzunov.

All staff left with full stomachs and warmed hearts knowing that their generous contributions will support the lives of little Aussies suffering from abuse and neglect.

Act for Kids relies heavily on donations to support our intensive therapy programs for kids who have experienced abuse and neglect, and early support for families at risk. We would like to thank RemServ for their continuous support and inviting our colleagues along to their workplace celebrations to taste the creations and award the prizes!