Protecting children is everyone's business

14 October 2019





In September, our services, along with local families and businesses, came together to host and participate in community events around the nation, sending a message that protecting children is everyone’s business.

We hosted a number of free family fun days, carnivals, workshops and events to engage with local communities.


Families came from surrounding and wider communities to enjoy our events in areas including Burleigh, Kedron, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Coast and Ipswich (just to name a few!).

Act for Kids Program Coordinator in Maryborough, Angelita Healy, said the family fun day’s helps to build awareness amongst families of the vital services Act for Kids provides to vulnerable children and families.

“Connection between a child and their guardian is key for keeping kids safe and for creating happy and vibrant communities.”

“Every year, families come along to get to know some of their local community services, to have a fun day out together, and enjoy the free activities,” she said.

During Child Protection Week, we urged Australians to take the necessary steps to protect children online and learn more about the warning signs of problematic sexual behaviours.

At this year’s Youth, Technology and Virtual Communities Conference, Dr Katrina Lines and Miranda Bain from Act for Kids were honoured to present our research and start a conversation about problem sexual behaviours in children and young people.

Act for Kids Program Manager, Miranda, said Australian and international research confirms the link between explicit sexual material online and harmful sexual behaviour by young people against other children.

“Increasingly, sexually explicit material is shaping kids’ understanding of relationships and “normal” sexual relationships.”

“We hope that sharing Act for Kids’ work and research findings at the YTVC Conference has assisted other professionals working in the field of child exploitation,” she said.

Checkout our Child protection Week Campaign here.