New Children’s Commissioner appointed

3 February 2014





Mr Stephen Armitage has been appointed the new Children’s Commissioner for Children and Young People and the Child Guardian (CCYPCG), commencing on 17 January 2014.

Mr Armitage has 15 years’ experience in the areas of youth justice, Indigenous education and child protection.

Hon. Jann Stuckey, Acting Minister for Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services said the Newman Government had accepted the recommendations of the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry that would fundamentally reform the child protection system.

“The new Family and Child Commission will have an important role in advising the government about how to support families and create intergenerational change, and Mr Armitage will lead the creation of this new entity throughout 2014.”

Ms Stuckey also acknowledged the valuable contribution of outgoing Acting Commissioner Barry Salmon.

“Mr Salmon has had a highly commendable 12 years of service at the Children’s Commission, particularly in his role as Acting Commissioner during 2013,” she said.

“I wish Barry well in his retirement.”