Mental Health Super Summit Brings In $140,000 For Kids

2 November 2017





They’ve done it again! Now in its third year, the must attend conference for mental health practitioners, the Mental Health Super Summit has brought in their biggest donation to date!

The online conference which took place early October saw over 2,300 participants from Australia and worldwide benefit from 20 hours of cutting-edge learning, presented by experts from all over the world.

Best of all, the participants can choose what they pay to attend, from just $50, and 100% of the proceeds go towards helping abused and neglected children receive the life changing therapy they need to overcome their trauma.

CEO of the Mental Health Academy Pedro Gondim says every child deserves unconditional love and an environment where they can grow, and thrive.

“We’re 100% behind Act for Kids’ vision to make sure all kids have a safe and happy childhood, free from abuse and neglect,” Mr Gondim said.

This year, the Mental Health Super Summit raised $141,275 and Act for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington said a donation of this size is enough to provide almost 1,500 hours of intensive therapy for kids in need.

“The impact that this will have to our centres and our children is just incredible. Fundraising is a tough gig, so to have the support of the Mental Health Academy behind us, we are just so grateful,” Dr Carrington said.