Mental health is vital to healing little hearts and minds

22 November 2019





The Mental Health Academy has again exceeded our expectations and raised $128,420.00 for children who have experienced abuse and neglect!

The Mental Health Super Summit is the largest online mental health conference in Australia.

With over 2,000 participants, 15 expert speakers and 15 hours of specialist training, the 2019 Mental Health Super Summit has once again delivered a highly innovative and valuable learning experience for mental health professionals across the country

Act for Kids Ambassador and Mental Health Academy CEO, Pedro Gondim, said they were proud to be supporters of Act for Kids for over five years.

“When we hosted the inaugural edition (2015) of the Mental Health Super Summit, reaching one million dollars in donations seemed like a distant, audacious goal,” he said.

“But thanks to everyone’s efforts over the past five years, we’re getting closer and closer to that goal… and we’re changing the lives of young people along the way.”

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to support the amazing work Act for Kids do, and we are already looking forward to next year’s event!” Pedro said.

Act for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington said he is thankful for the commitment and support for the Mental Health Academy to help expand our Integrated Therapy Service and improve the lives of children and families across Australia.

“Mental Health is at the forefront of everything we do at Act for Kids, as there are serious mental health risks for children who don’t have access to trauma therapy.”

“We are incredibly fortunate that the Mental Health Academy believes in our purpose and supports us in our mission to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect in Australia,” he said.

Act for Kids couldn’t prevent and treat child abuse and neglect, or educate communities across Australia without the support and generosity of sponsors like the Mental Health Academy.