Findings of inquest into the death of Mason Jet Lee

2 June 2020





A statement by Dr Katrina Lines on behalf of Act for Kids

The Coroner’s report is heartbreaking to read. Mason Jet Lee deserved better. He deserved to have a safe and loving childhood, free from abuse and neglect. Instead, he was denied this basic human right.

The report indicates those investigating child harm often get caught up in the complex lives of adult family members, and fail to primarily focus on the needs of the children. According to this report, officers focused on the dysfunctional lives and relationship between Mason Lee’s mother and his stepfather.

While each member of a family deserves and needs support, there is no greater priority than protecting the children. We need family members, child safety officers, teachers, and in fact everyone in our community to focus on protecting children and keeping them safe.

We must put children first. All kids have the right to a safe, loving and happy childhood.

Child protection isn’t just the responsibility of any department or government, it is the responsibility of everyone in community.

Children are often invisible and struggle to be heard. All of us, every single person in our community, must keep an eye out for kids.

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