Make a Christmas wish come true for kids in Australia

1 December 2015





This Christmas Day, one child every 13 minutes will be abused or neglected.

94% of abused kids are harmed by someone they know and trust.

For most, Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, when loved ones come together to take part in the festive season. However the sad truth is that one child every 13 minutes will be abused or neglected on 25 December, 94% by someone they know and trust.

This Christmas, Act for Kids is appealing for help to make the wishes of vulnerable kids come true. Early intervention can make a huge difference when it comes to turning lives around, said Dr Neil Carrington, CEO Act for Kids.

“In our work we see the real benefits of early intervention in restoring the lives of abused and neglected kids,” said Dr Carrington.

“Joseph, the eight-year-old who features in our Christmas appeal, is a great example of what can be achieved in even a short space of time.

“From an abusive background and hardly ever going to school, after just a few months working with our therapists Joseph is now on par with his classmates, and has a better relationship with his carer and family.

“He still has a way to go but already he has a brighter future.”

Act for Kids provides free professional therapy to kids in need on the Gold Coast, and across Queensland, as well as in New South Wales and South Australia.

Act for Kids also works to prevent child abuse through its Learn to be safe with Emmy and friends program which it delivers in schools to 5 and 6-year-olds.

For more information about the Christmas Appeal or to donate, please visit Joseph’s story.