Kids’ Crusader – Healing little hearts take a lot of hard play

15 August 2013





We’ve recently launched a new Kids’ Crusader campaign: ‘Healing little hearts takes a lot of hard play’ – emphasising the time and effort it takes for children to overcome their trauma from abuse and neglect.

In one year alone more than 38,000* Australian kids were abused or neglected. That’s one child every 14 minutes suffering from physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect, most often in their own home. Some of these children end up with serious problems that can affect them their whole lives.

Act for Kids Psychologist, Annika Moody, said unfortunately there are no quick fixes. Most of our children will spend between 6 to 18 months with us. True healing takes time.

“The effects of child abuse and neglect can be significant and lead to lifelong problems. It can impact a child’s brain development, how they feel and think about themselves, how successful they are at school, even their physical development and skills.

“In the long term it can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, difficulty developing and maintaining good relationships, unemployment and all sorts of social disadvantage – all due to their childhood experiences, and not their fault,” Annika said.

Join the other 30 Kids’ Crusaders who have signed up over the last three months. The more regular donors we have will enable us to plan ahead and grow our support services to help reach out to more children in need.

Becoming a Kids’ Crusader and donating monthly is the best way to help us provide long-term therapy and support services – it means we can direct funds where they’re needed most and make the biggest impact over time.

Your monthly donation, however big or small, combines to make a meaningful difference and lasting change for abused and neglected children. With your help, together, we can begin to turn a child’s life around and give them a second chance at a happy and safe childhood.

Your generosity and commitment means more to the kids and families we work with than we could ever tell you in words.

For more information on how to sign up as Kids’ Crusader, please visithttps://www.actforkids.com.au/Kids-Crusaders/kids-crusaders-help-us-commit-to-kids-long-term.html