Keeping Families Strong in 2018 - Part Two

1 March 2018





At Act for Kids, we strive to see families strong, together and thriving. We know that sometimes parenting can be tough, so here are some more tips from our team of therapists and psychologists to help keep your family strong, happy and together in 2018!

Keep it in perspective.

One of our Engagement and Referral Practitioners, Kelly shared a story with us about how when she meets families for the first time she uses a simple analogy to help them feel a little more comfortable.

“It’s all about showing families our humanness and holding a safe space for them to share their story. I try to explore beyond the surface with families to discover what is working well for them. When families are feeling overwhelmed, I ask them “How do you eat an elephant?”. Not many people know how to answer! And I will say “One bite at a time…”. We work together to breakdown the seemingly impossible tasks into realistic and achievable bit size ‘mouthfuls’. You’ve just got to remember to take things one bite at a time. Try not to get hung up on the destination, but instead focus on the journey.”

Practice mindfulness with your child.

Mindfulness is a bit of a buzzword today, but it is important that both adults and children are able to practice being present and in the moment as opposed to living in the future (anxiety) or the past (depression). Practicing mindfulness together can promote parent-child connection and build a sense of safety. Try calming sensory activities like taking turns massaging lotion into each other’s hands. Some child-friendly mindfulness apps you can download are Smiling Mind, Positive Penguins and Relax Melodies.

Take advantage of the free activities in your city.

There are so many activities that families can take advantage of in your local area that won’t cost you an arm and a leg! Just remember to pack lunch, a water bottle, a hat and some sunscreen.  Here is a list of some free activities in your city that you and your kids can take advantage of all year round.

  • Grab the rods and go fishing
  • Visit your local library for story time or craft activities
  • Visit the city and check out museums, art galleries or exhibits.
  • Visit one of your cities amazing playgrounds
  • Swimming at the beach
  • Bike riding on the many tracks around your local area
  • Most weekend markets have free entertainment

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