Ipswich service given a boost from Foundation

29 May 2015





Act for Kids has been awarded generous funding from Property Industry Foundation to employ a part-time Speech Language Pathologist for its Integrated Therapy Program in Ipswich. The funding will allow Act for Kids to expand its multidisciplinary team and boost local service delivery.

The Integrated Therapy Program helps children and young people overcome their experiences and trauma through therapeutic support, and provides counselling for families under stress or facing challenges. Since commencement in December 2014, Act for Kids has assisted 39 children and families, with around 31 more on a waiting list.

Act for Kids’ Integrated Therapy teams include psychologists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists. Therapists work together to conduct a full assessment, develop a personal treatment plan and provide ongoing support. We also work with the child’s family/carers to help them deal with the child’s behaviour or challenges and to reinforce their progress in therapy at home.

Act for Kids CEO, Dr Neil Carrington, said through the Property Industry Foundation’s generosity Act for Kids has been able to fulfil its multidisciplinary team.

“Ipswich is an area of strong need. We know that 1,018 children were confirmed as abused or neglected in South West Queensland (2013-2014) and thousands more cases go unreported. By employing a Speech Language Pathologist, we can boost local service delivery to many children in desperate need of help.

“The aim of the speech/language component of the program is to improve speech and language developmental outcomes and general wellbeing of children and young people who have experienced trauma from abuse and neglect or are at risk of abuse and neglect. The Integrated Therapy Program will go a long way to addressing Ipswich’s growing need for support services,” Dr Neil Carrington said.

About the Property Industry Foundation

The Property Industry Foundation (PIF) was established in NSW in 1996, when industry leaders joined forces to help grass-roots charities that provide specialist services for at risk youth. The Melbourne office was started in late 2008; and the Brisbane office opened in May 2013. Since inception, PIF has proven to be very successful as a forum and a philanthropic focal point for people in the property and construction industry to use their skills and resources to help solve the important community problem of youth homelessness. For more information visit http://www.pif.com.au