‘How to navigate the back to school nerves for children, care givers and parents.’

29 January 2021





It’s that time of the year where families are racing around to tick off all the back to school requirements for the kids, such as buying new shoes, uniforms, books pens and pencils.

Act for Kids understands it can be an anxious time, not only financially but also for children, parents and carers as kids begin their new journey at school, whether that be starting prep or year twelve.

However, there are some simple steps families can take to start the year off on the right foot.

“Setting a week day routine will help to ensure the kids are getting into the right mindset in preparation to go back to school and spend hours in a classroom concentrating,” Doctor Kaye Pickering Act for Kids Executive Director & child psychologist explained.

“This should include making sure they are getting enough sleep and eating healthy foods to give them plenty of energy to kick start their learning.”

Parents and carers should encourage children to feel excited about the new learning opportunities a new year at schools brings to ease nerves.

“Try to remain upbeat about the new experiences they will get by starting a new year of school, whether that be meeting new friends, a new teacher, school and the ability to try new things,” Dr Pickering said.

Often it’s a fear of the unknown, particularly for the prep students starting school for the very first time. This can be an extremely daunting experience for children, parents and carers.

We recommend taking these steps to provide comfort and alleviate any concerns:

  • Make sure you familiarise yourself and your child with the school drop off/pick up zones so everyone knows where to go at the appropriate times
  • Plan ahead of time to avoid rushing
  • Make sure your child knows how and where they can get help at school
  • Set up a school routine so everyone knows what to expect on school/week days

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