Help More Kids Like Milly Celebrate A Birthday

30 August 2016





birthdayAct for Kids’ Early Education Program is a unique pre-school educational intervention service for children aged 2-5 years who struggle to attain the skills they need to start school as a result of abuse or neglect. It’s a place where children can have the ‘normal’ childhood experiences they may have missed out on. It’s about replacing bad memories with good ones and teaching children what it means to feel happy.

When three-year-old Milly started coming to Act for Kids’ pre-school, it was clear she’d missed out on some big milestones in her little life. On Milly’s birthday, when her teacher presented her with her very own birthday cake, the melting candles were met with nothing but blank stares from a little girl who had no idea what to do.

After a little coaxing, some encouragement from her class and lots of relighting of the candles, Milly was soon able to understand that this was for her birthday. Some children have never experienced a birthday celebration before coming to Act for Kids; our teachers have the opportunity to show them how a birthday looks and feels.

Your generous support and donations mean we can help more children just like Milly go on to experience a safe and happy childhood, free from abuse and neglect. You can donate here.