Child neglect is on the rise in Queensland

15 August 2013





Child neglect is a growing concern in Queensland. In one year alone, the number of cases increased by 50% to more than 3,250. A recent report has found it’s now the leading form of abuse in the state.

Act for Kids Executive Director of Programs, Research and Education, Dr Katrina Lines, was interviewed on the ABC 7:30pm Report, highlighting the significance of neglect on children’s development and the need to challenge our communities’ misperceptions about what neglect is and what it means for children.

Dr Lines said neglect is the absence of meeting children’s needs, that can be their physical needs, their social and their emotional needs.

“The report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows an alarming number of children are suffering neglect. Notifications for neglect are on the rise in a number of states in Australia; particularly Queensland.

“We need a greater awareness of what neglect is and we need more programs that intervene so that children aren’t neglected and parents are assisted to learn how to care for their kids in the right way,” Dr Lines said.

Act for Kids made submissions to the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry calling for more government and community investment in family support programs, better access for parents to refer themselves for help and improved services in regional and remote areas.

To watch the ABC 7:30pm report http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-05-17/child-neglect-on-the-rise-in-qld/4697652