Building The Future For Kids in Kedron

27 July 2017





Charity Act for Kids have launched a new program via their Intensive Family Support service with a focus on keeping kids healthy, reducing screen time and getting parents more engaged with their families.

The partnership with the Build The Future program is held at the Powerhouse 4053 Gym on Wednesday afternoons and encourages children to get active, play outside, engage with their communities and make healthier choices.

Act for Kids Regional Director Thomas Mcintyre said the program has tripled in size since it’s commencement in May.

“We’re working with kids and families who have been referred to us with complex needs, and by getting the entire family active and involved we’re noticing big changes. Kids are attending school on a more regular basis, parents are meeting other families and interacting with each other and families are genuinely excited to participate,” Mr Mcintyre said.

Part of the program includes children wearing go-pros so Act for Kids’ integrated therapists can assess their balance, motor skills and social interactions.

Brisbane North Intensive Family Support Practice Supervisor Gavin Nel says having the therapeutic input into the program is essential for healthy development.

“Working with the occupational therapists allows us to get an overall idea of how the child is progressing and where we can work with the child and their family to improve their home life,” Mr Nel said.

Brett Illingworth and his family participate weekly in the Build the Future program and say “The Act for Kids experience has had a really positive effect on the kid’s confidence and attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. The parents groups on Monday and Thursday has been really fun. Powerhouse has a really positive atmosphere.”