Act for Kids CEO Returns to Charters Towers

27 February 2017





They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for Act for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington, it turns out his words are worth over $2,000,000.

Act for Kids has been working to treat and prevent child abuse and neglect since 1988 and Charters Towers High School graduate, Dr Carrington has been at the helm for the past six years.

With an extensive background in leadership and professional development, now based in Brisbane, Dr Carrington often facilitates workshops and coaching for Australia’s top business leaders and CEO’s with one significant condition… all his speaking fees go directly back to Act for Kids.

On Tuesday 21st of Feb, Dr Carrington traveled back to his home town of Charters Towers to present an all-day conference at the School of Distance Education on ‘resilience’.

“I was particularly excited about this topic and I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with all the parents, carers and teachers that attended,” Dr Carrington said.

“Having the ability to cope during tough times by applying your inner strength and learning how to engage the support networks around you is a skill I think we all need to practise.”

At Act for Kids, one of their key services is an Intensive Family Support (IFS) program where they are able to work with families before they reach the child protection system.

“Having resilience is something that we work on with our families in the IFS program, and so to be able to share this knowledge with families in Charters Towers and know that the proceeds from the day will go into helping even more families really humbles me,” Dr Carrington said.