Act for Kids adopts digital technology to keep kids safe

27 March 2018





A recent trial of new digital technology has been welcomed with open arms, as 20 digital watches are now being trialled across Act for Kids programs to help protect vulnerable children.

Sharing our vision for safe and happy kids, Act for Kids has partnered with Commsync to provide children living in ‘at-risk’ environments with immediate, 24-hour access to their support network when feeling unsafe.

Tom McIntyre, Act for Kids Regional Director of Brisbane, Wide Bay and South Burnett, said he is excited to be partnering with Commsync to enhance the safety and well-being of children through the use of CommsyncAlert.

“I am eager to explore how innovative technology can expand opportunities for children and families to access their community.

“Because of the identification and support of safe people close to the children, we are now able to keep children safer and reduce the likelihood of harm or removal,” he said.

With the use of CommsyncAlert technology, a child no longer needs to follow the traditional safety plan method of calling for help after accessing the safety plan and a telephone to alert supports.

During a time of crisis, using the reliable alert management technology, a child only needs to press an alarm button on their watch for 3 seconds to send an alert to their nominated support network.

This technology is now used across four different Act for Kids programs, including Intensive Family Support (IFS), Flourish, Sexual Abuse Counselling Service (SACS) and Counselling and Intervention Service (CIS).

For more information on our therapy services, visit: https://www.actforkids.com.au/our-services/therapy-services/