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Therapy Services
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Hume Hub, Building C, Ground Floor East,
61 Riggall Street, Broadmeadows VIC

PO Box 104, Dallas VIC 3047


Completed referral forms can be emailed to the relevant centres.

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Services available at Melbourne

Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Enhancing the wellbeing of kids and young people who have experienced trauma or are at risk of harm.

Education Services

Education Services

Protective behaviours program for children in Grade One, early education program for 2.5–5 yrs, and an in-home parent education curriculum for families with children aged 0 to 5 yrs.

Family Services

Family Services

Support for parents and family members who may be feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Safe Kids

Safe Kids

Safe and culturally appropriate home environments for kids and young people within local communities.

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Building C, Ground Floor East, 61 Riggall Street
Melbourne VIC Australia
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