Child Protection Week 2023


This Child Protection Week, Act for Kids is encouraging adults to ‘Get Comfy Switching On by Switching Off’ for the kids in their life after new research revealed far too many young people don’t always feel listened to and aren’t speaking to anyone when they’re worried. The research commissioned by Act for Kids heard from more than 300 young Australians aged between 14 to 17.

Time to Get Comfy Switching On by Switching Off

Act for Kids wants every adult to ‘Get Comfy Switching On by Switching off’ for the kids in their life. This could be as simple as asking questions about their day or reminding them that you’re there for them. Try to listen and not immediately fix the problem. The research shows there is a genuine need for adults to simply listen rather than tell a child or young person what to do by solving their problems for them.

Breaking Down the Research

The results show there is an alarming number of young people feeling unheard, yet they are carrying the burden of their concerns alone, raising the risk of real mental health challenges. It shows there is a substantial proportion of kids and young people who do not feel confident or empowered to speak to someone they trust when they feel worried. Another real concern is that 66% of the respondents said they worry about how they look and 64% are worried about school.

Sadly, one person said “I have my days that I feel confident but a lot of the time I am just pretending. I don’t feel confident in my own skin at all and wish I could just click my fingers and change anything I wanted.”

Another said, “My looks and how I look during school and if anyone really likes me.”

Here are some useful tips

Tips for Kids & Young People

  • Start small talk with your close adult e.g. how was your day?
  • Understand how you’re feeling, are you angry, upset, worried, anxious?
  • Be clear on what you need from your close adult
  • Make a plan — who should you talk to, what should you say, when and where is the best time to talk with them?
  • Be honest, even if you’ve made a mistake
  • Stay calm and be mature

Tips for Adults

  • Listen — don’t always talk
  • Don’t always try to fix the problem
  • Ask questions to understand how they feel
  • Take advantage of incidental moments such as driving home from school
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Make and effort to spend time and connect

Watch our animated video to learn more

If you know anyone who needs support...

For children needing support:

For adults, parents and carers:

Speak to your General Practitioner if you’re worried about a child in your life or would like more support.

Want to help kids in need?

Lst year, over 480,000 reports were made to child protection authorities.

Over 174,700 kids accessed child protective services. That’s 1 in every 32 Aussie kids.