Youthrive embraces online therapy sessions

30 April 2020





Act for Kids’ social enterprise Youthrive has embraced technology and is delivering child therapy services at a distance by using telehealth to connect therapists to children and their families. These services include individual consultations, group sessions and assessments.

About Youthrive

Youthrive is a unique service providing three types of therapy – psychology, speech pathology and occupational therapy for kids and young people. They have five clinic locations in Queensland, including Robina, Helensvale, Springfield, Everton Hills and North Lakes. Their integrated model means children and teenagers receive a high quality of professional support in one location without the stress and cost of seeing separate service providers. A child may need one, or a combination, of the three therapies. Each child’s integrated therapy plan will ensure they achieve better outcomes than if they access separate or disparate services. They don’t expect, or need, kids to fit precisely into “classifications” or “boxes” – Youthrive assesses their individual needs and develops a support plan to help them achieve their goals.

In 2019, the Youthrive team provided over 12,000 hours of assessment and therapy, and helped 1,684 kids reach their full potential.

Youthrive is a fee-paying service, however every dollar of profit goes back to Act for Kids to provide life-changing therapy to kids who have suffered abuse and neglect.

Youthrive’s telehealth services

Just like a normal therapy session, only virtual!

Telehealth is a convenient and effective way for Youthrive therapists to provide therapy and support services to children and families who may not be able to attend clinic-based or face-to-face appointments. Telehealth services can include tele-sessions (live video) and phone calls, and can be accessed using a smartphone, iPad/tablet or laptop and an internet connection.

Youthrive’s therapists can work with families remotely through a number of communication channels across all of their services. They can assist by developing home programs, providing parent coaching and advice, completing clinical reports, and creating visual supports and resources. Youthrive is currently accepting referrals across all five clinics.

For more information about Youthrive, please visit youthrive.com.au.