Super Summit Countdown

26 July 2016





Last year Act for Kids received a call from the Mental Health Academy, Australia’s leading mental health professional development provider, asking if we would like to be the recipient charity for its inaugural Mental Health Super Summit. We said “Yes please!” and were blown away when the event raised almost $90,000 for Act for Kids. We are thrilled to be selected again as the recipient charity for the 2016 Mental Health Super Summit and this year the amazing Mental Health Academy team is aiming to raise $150,000 for kids who have experienced abuse and neglect.

Running over 18 days from 6 -23 October the online Summit features live sessions with 20 internationally renowned, award-winning practitioners, researchers, authors and educators – including our own Renee McAllister, Regional Director of Act for Kids in North Queensland and Queensland Chair of the Australian Psychological Society.

The Summit provides 20 hours of mental health professional development for $50 (minimum fee) – amazing value! Registrations are now open – click here for more information.