$1,000 safety initiative to support local charities

30 June 2015





Caltex Australia is committed to supporting the local community. The Lytton refinery in Brisbane held a major maintenance program known as ‘The Event’ during May and June 2015. As part of this program a safety initiative was introduced to encourage workplace health and safety amongst the Event team.

For every day that the teams stayed injury free, Caltex donated $1,000 to charity. To further motivate the teams, Caltex donated an additional $1,000 to charity if no injuries were recorded for five consecutive days.

Toni Dugdale, Community Relations and Communications at Caltex Lytton, said the event is held every five years, and this year four charities were chosen based on a combination of the charity’s values fitting with those of Caltex.

“At times we had over 1,800 workers on site in a 24 hour period, all participating in the safety initiative, aimed at driving safety and awareness. Our goal is to make sure that everyone returns home safely every day.

“This initiative resulted in a $40,000 donation to local charities. Caltex is committed to supporting the communities in which we work and live, particularly the smaller charities who make big impacts in the local community,” Toni Dugdale said.

Ellen Park, Fundraising Manager at Act for Kids, said the charity is thrilled with the outcome of the fundraising activity.

“It’s wonderful to be nominated as one of the beneficiary charities – we appreciate Caltex’s efforts in supporting Act for Kids, while improving safety across their workplace.

“The donation of $10,000 will help us to provide vital therapy and support services to children and families impacted by abuse throughout Brisbane and Queensland,” Ellen Park said.

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