Jamie Durie Welcomed as Act for Kids National Ambassador  

31 March 2021





It is with great pleasure Act for Kids announces Jamie Durie as a National Ambassador for the organisation.

Jamie is one of Australia’s best-known faces and TV presenters. He is famous around the world for his commitment to the environment and expertise with design.

The International award-winning horticulturist knows first-hand the impact of trauma as a result of experiencing sexual abuse during his own childhood.

“In my opinion, there is no greater crime than taking away a vulnerable child’s innocence through sexual abuse.”

“The trust that children give to their parents and guardians is sacred and when that trust is violated, the boundaries, safety and judgement that children develop as they become adults is compromised forever. The domino effect of abuse and how this affects an individual in their future relationships is catastrophic,” Jamie said.

Act for Kids Chief Executive Officer Doctor Katrina Lines says Jamie is a brilliant addition to the organisation and already a strong advocate for vulnerable children through his current work and roles on TV and as a father himself.

“We are thrilled to announce Jamie as a National Ambassador and a voice for children who have or might still be suffering trauma from neglect, sexual, emotional and physical abuse,” Dr Lines said.

Two thirds of Australian adults fail to take action when a child discloses they’re being harmed.

“These statistics prove that the majority of caregivers who have a crucial responsibility of taking care of innocent children are simply in a state of denial when they become aware of the abuse,” Jamie explained.

“The stigma has to be broken and parents, guardians and caregivers need a clearer path to speak up on behalf of the children,” he said.

Act for Kids is thrilled to have Jamie join the team as a National Ambassador as we continue to be the voice for the voiceless.

“I’m honoured to support Act for Kids and I hope by sharing my story, that it gives others the courage to speak up and stop child abuse in its tracks. The mental scars caused by this issue stay with the victims forever. Organisations like Act for Kids, provide the crucial support, care and understanding these children need to go on and live normal lives,” Jamie said.

In 2019-2020 the Act for Kids team supported more than 45,000 people across its 31 centres, of those, more than 29,000 were children who had experienced or were at risk of abuse and neglect.

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