Ferny Grove State School Celebrate PJ Day!

5 September 2017





This week, Act for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington had the pleasure of attending the Ferny Grove State School’s Student of the Month parade to collect a cheque for funds raised during their recent Pyjama Day!

The whole school (even the teachers!) got in on the fun, wore their PJ’s to school and helped raised over $1,150 for Act for Kids!

Dr Carrington said the event was an important reminder that you don’t have bring in the big bucks to make a big difference.

“It’s always very heartwarming when an entire school gets behind our cause. We are very lucky to have the support from our School Principal Ambassadors and their schools,” Neil said.

Pictured with Dr Carrington is Act for Kids Principal Ambassador Brett Shackleton, the principal of Ferny Grove State School.