Trend Alert: Donate to Act for Kids In Lieu Of Gifts

1 November 2016





Most people have everything they could possibly need in life, so when it comes to birthdays, weddings or even Christmas time, why not give a gift that can truly make a difference to a little life?

Charitable giving is on the rise, and with that the trend of ‘donations in lieu of gifts’ has become more popular than ever before.

Previous Platinum Class Lottery winner Lyn Duffy recently celebrated her 70th birthday and instead receiving gifts from friends, she asked that they donate to Act for Kids instead.

“At 70 years old, there really isn’t much I need! Instead, I wanted my friends to support a charity that means a lot to me and I was touched to see donations coming through in the hundreds,” Lyn said.

After winning her very own Mercedes Benz in the Act for Kids Platinum Class lottery, Lyn came out and visited the Wooloowin, Act for Kids centre.

“I got to see the work that goes on in these centres, and it really cemented my support for Act for Kids. It was a very easy decision to support Act for Kids for my birthday because I know that these children really need this service.”

If you would like to set up a donation page for an upcoming event, click here or contact our Fundraising team via fundraising@actforkids.com.au