Can't think of what to give mum this Mother's Day?

26 April 2015





In Australia, Mother’s Day was originally founded in 1924 and was used to cheer up women who had been led astray or forgotten throughout their life. The day represented local support from school children and businesses to donate money and bring gifts to women who had suffered. The tradition was then carried out with a goal of raising support for all women across Australia and since then the day is, as we know it now.

Mother’s Day is a day to give thanks to women who have positively influenced your life. That is, a person that has been a role model to you whether it a friend, a mother, a grandmother, a family relative or an acquaintance.

On Mother’s Day give your special person a gift from the heart that can provide life changing support services to help vulnerable children. Do something special to protect 40,571 children against abuse and neglect by giving an Act for Kids gift card to your special person this Mother’s Day.

Buy online now and you can choose to send the gift card to your Mum’s email or print it out and tuck it into a special Mother’s Day card.

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

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