Brisbane School Leaders Make Inspiring Donation

28 July 2017





In July, The Metropolitan Aspiring Leaders presented Act for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington with a donation of $10,300 to support Act for Kids services.

The organisation which grows and develops teachers as future leaders in metropolitan Brisbane made the presentation during Metropolitan Aspiring Leaders program.

Paul Zernike, Chair of the Facilitation team, Metropolitan Aspiring Leaders and Principal at Milton State School said that Act for Kids is a charity close to their hearts as educators.

“It was a logical and sensible cause for us to contribute to Act for Kids.”

“As educators we see so many students come through our schools who have experienced some form of trauma in their lives. If we can assist them is some way through the fantastic work undertaken by Act for Kids, then it is far better to work on prevention and cure rather than being reactive constantly.”

“This is why we are such enormous advocates for the great work undertaken across the country by Act for Kids.”

The organisation has been donating to Act for Kids for four years now, one year raising more than $15,000. The continued support from Metro Aspiring Leaders means more children in need can access preventative and treatment services and have the opportunity for a secure future.